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During the 2018 Academy Awards, Oscar winners

Alison Jannette (Best Supporting Actress) and

Frances McDonald (Best Actress) brought the house down with their acceptance speeches. First Allison Janney famously opened with "I did it by myself." The audience roared with laughter because everyone in the theater knew so well no one ever achieves anything without the help and support of others which is why it always "takes a village." And like Allison Janney,

Gray Is The New Blonde cannot get made without the help and support of YOU. Then Frances McDonald said, "We [women] all have stories to tell and projects we need financed." Wow, even huge stars need money, just as our film does. Well then, our little indie film is in some damn good company! We are almost finished with the making of this groundbreaking documentary and just need a little more financing to get to the finish line. Let's all come together and let's make this happen!!

Contribute what you can. Every penny counts.❤️ 

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